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The 2000 Federation season is complete. The Gray ended the season with a 19-3 regular season record, which was good enough for the regular season championship.
However, due to injuries and other unforseen letdowns, the Grays were ousted in the semi-finals to Sykesville 4-games-to-3 (this wasn't the same old Senators).


Grayrider shortstop Jason Booser recently underwent knee surgery. He was injured during the semi-finals as he went into third base at Sykesville. Jason decided not to have surgery immediately so he could possibly play for Clarion University in the spring. But when he re-injured the same knee last month, he knew it was time. Get well soon Jason!

GREAT NEWS!!!! The "Grays Field" is about to get lit-up... literally. The Brookville Little League has put forth a large chunk of money and lights at the field should be in place sometime around the beginning of 2001.

UPDATED 12/15: The lights were to be arriving this week. However, because of a delay with the polls, they will not arrive until the first week of January... second week at the latest. WE NEED EVERYONE'S HELP PUTTING THESE UP.... YES..IN JANUARY!!!!!


As everyone is aware, costs for everything are spiraling upwards, and GrayBall is no different.
Bats are an average of $220 each, Balls are flying out of the park (mostly because of the $220 bats) and umps are starting to feel squeezed at just $25 a game.
If at all possible, please donate anything at all so Bobby doesn't have to beg at the corner of "Stewarts" store this season.
Make checks payable and send to:
Brookville Grays
c/o Mark Powell
432 Treasure Lake
DuBois, PA 15801

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The Gray-File for the month of January is PAT "mini" SMITH. Two plays define Mini. On defense he played a shallow right-field. The ball was hit over his head. Running full steam, straight back, he closed in on the ball. It looked like he was burnt, but at the last moment he sprawled out and was fully extended. Sprawled out, fully extended, STRAIGHT BACK, and hauled in the ball.
The second... In 1992, the Grays were battling Rossiter. In those days, the "Miner Monkey" was still on the Grays' back. In the bottom of the seventh, the Grays had battled back from a 7-3 deficit and now were down by just one. With one guy on, we were down to our last out and Mini was down to his last strike, at 0-and-2. It was so dark you could barely see the center-fielder. Out of form and completely off-balance, Mini's flick of the wrist swing caught a high fastball solid. It sailed high before eventually hooking around the right-field foul pole. That one swing of the bat gave the Grays the win, officially ended the "Monkey", and started the momentum that propelled the Grays to their first championship.
Everyone who played with or watched Mini knows it wasn't the first, nor was the last of the great "Mini" displays.