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Raider Wrestling

This page is a source to follow the Raider wrestling team as they persuit the state championship.
For more comprehensive coverage of the state's top wrestlers and teams, you should visit "The Grapplers" website, which is posted at our "Related Links" page. The Grapplers page is one the premier sites for high school wrestling.

2000-2001 SCHEDULE

Listed is scheduled date, opponent, location (JH=Junior High, V=Varsity), result

12/05 - Cameron County home (JH, V)..... (V = W57-6), (JH = W54-42)
12/08,09 - IronMan Tournament away (V)..... 16th place
12/14 - Clarion away (JH,V)..... (V = L29-30), (JH = W49-30)
12/16 - Philipsburg-Osceola away (V)..... (V = L35-20)
12/29 - Punxsutawney away (JH)
12/30 - Line Mtn Tournament away (V)
1/04 - St. Marys home (JH, V)
1/06 - Franklin home (JH, V)
1/09 - Bald Eagle Area home (JH, V)
1/11 - Marion Center home (V)
1/13 - Sharon Tournament away(JH)
1/16 - Maplewood home (V)
1/17 - Philipsburg-Osceola away (JH)
1/18 - Brockway away (JH, V)
1/23 - DuBois away (JH, V)
1/24 - Kane home (JH, V)
1/27 - Titusville away (V)
1/30 - District 9 team tournament
2/01 - District 9 team tournament finals
2/03 - Clearfield Tournament away (JH)
2/03 - RIDGWAY away (V)
2/08 - Clearfield away (JH)
2/10 - Kittanning home (V)
2/13 - Curwensville away (JH, V)
2/14 - Ridgway away (JH)
2/16 - Redbank Valley home (JH, V)
2/17 - Junior High D-9 Tournament
2/23,24 - Varsity D-9 Individual tournament at C.U.P


The Raiders came back in a huge way over the weekend by winning the Line-Mountain Tournament for the second time in school history. They did so with the second largest team point total in the tournaments history. Their 219 points were second to the 1996 Raiders' 223 points. Josh Sammons and Nick Neil and Hunter Bullers all won the tournament. More details as soon as they come in.

Two in a row! Philipsburg is always a tough opponent. Even a few years ago when the Raiders were riding high they still struggled with this team. Don't look into this loss as anything too important. The loss to Clarion was more important. It was the first loss to a D-9, Class AA school (other than Ridgway) in six years.

The Raiders took a tough one Thursday night at Clarion. They should learn after this loss that when it comes to a match where you know it's going to be close, you've got to get the bonus points. The Raiders are young and they'll make their mistakes, but the opportunity was there for the taking.

Mark Himes took 4th place at the IronMan tournament over the weekend. Himes finished the tournament with a 4-2 record.
Keith Ferraro remains as the only Raider to win the tournament, regarded as one of the toughest in the U.S.A., when he won the 135lb class in 1997.

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