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All-Gray Team

The following is the selection of the "All-Gray Team" that was voted upon on April 15, 2000. These selections were based on a variety of criteria, including statistics, producing "in the clutch" and team commitment, among others. The committee used information avaliable from 1983 - 1999. 

1st Base - John Williams.....John dominated the Federation League during his two year tour. In 1998 he broke the Grays' single season record for batting average (.505), Triples (3), homeruns (13), RBI's (52) and runs scored (51). John also won the Fed League's MVP award for the 1997 play-offs. On defense, nothing got past him. It either went in his glove or went against his chest. Either way, he got the out. He is an all-star starter at third base.

2nd Base - Craig Puhala... There hadn't been before or has been since another defensive second baseman like Craig. He made circus plays nightly, and was second to none at turning the double play. He started in one all-star game. The best thing about him was, as a lead-off hitter, if he reached first, you might as well give him a free pass to third. During the 1992 championship campaign, Craig stole 41 bases while being thrown out just twice. To put that in perspective, the ENTIRE Gray's team stole 36 bases in 2000.

3rd Base - Bruce Gunning. Bruce is one of the best all-around players to have put on a Gray uniform. He had the ability to play any position, gaining all-star recognition three times. He has a career average of .389 (4th all-time), 9 triples (tied for 1st), 181 RBI's (5th), 35 homeruns (3rd) and 62 stolen bases (6th). As a pitcher, he has 15 career wins and 117 strike outs. He has a championship series win under his belt, as well as a no-hitter.

Shortstop - Mark Carrier. Simply put, he is the engergizer bunny of the Fed League. He has been with the team since they re-joined the league in 1983. That's 618 games played. 618! 1491 at-bats (1st all-time), 362 runs scored(1st), 75 stolen bases (4th), and the most impressive of them all, 440 walks. The next player has 211. Of the top ten walks in a season by a Gray, Mark holds six of those spots, including all of the top five. Through the late eighties and early nineties, he was as steady as they came as a short-stop. Not the strongest arm at the position, but his quick release always got his man. He has played in one all-star game.

Catcher - Mark Powell. Mark has been the backstop for the Grays' pitching staff for 12 years. No Grays pitcher has a losing record when throwing to him. He is a three-time all-star ( 1 at first base). He has a career average of .351 (7th all-time), 293 hits (4th), 207 RBI's (3rd), 64 doubles (2nd), 185 walks (3rd), 32 homeruns (5th), 834 at-bats (5th), 214 runs scored (5th). Mark was also the 1999 Federation League batting champion with a .532 average.

Outfielder - Donny Rhoades. He hasn't really done anything special... unless you consider the fact that he's first or second in all but two all-time catagories. In Stolen Bases and Average, he's third. 1120 at bats, .391 average, 99 doubles, 211 walks, 9 triples, 327 RBI's, 438 hits, 52 homeruns, 343 runs scored. Donny won Federation League batting titles in 1995 and 1996

Outfielder - Matt Smith. Along with his brother and Donny Rhoades, Matt was part of the best trio of defensive outfielders around. Not many balls ended the game with grass stains because of Matt. 52 doubles (4th all-time), 133 walks (5th), 1074 at-bats (3rd), 204 RBI's (4th), 350 hits (3rd), 24 homeruns (7th), 280 runs scored (3rd), 120 stolen Bases (2nd).

Outfielder - Pat Smith. "Mini" is one of the last of the "old school" players. His flick of the wrist swing was unorthodox, but painfully effective to the opponents. It is a toss up who was the best defensive outfielder to play for the Gray... Pat or Matt. Pat is a career .338 hitter (8th all-time), 34 homeruns (5th), 27 doubles (8th), 102 walks (7th), 157 RBI's (6th), 158 runs scored (8th), 33 stolen bases (8th). All this in just 535 at-bats.

Designated Hitter - Jed Fiscus. Grays career leader in batting average and in only 450 at-bats, is in the top ten of every offensive catagory.

Starting Pitcher - Dave Osborne. Not only does Oz hold all the record in the pitching catagories, he's climbing the ladder on many of the hitting statistics as well.

Starting Pitcher - Scott Feldman. Nicknamed "Robo-Arm". Mutley would be willing to pitch every day if he was asked. 

Starting Pitcher - Todd Sharp. Todd was a crafty hurler for 10 years for the Gray. In those 10 years, he accumulated under 35 innings pitched just twice. He also picked up 46 wins over 449 total innings, good for second best all-time in each catagory. 343 strike outs and an ERA of 5.19.

Starting Pitcher - Bob Hooks

relief/closing Pitcher - Barry Carnahan. Nobody can argue Barry's style of pitching. He would "drift" onto the field in a pressure situation and get the Gray out of the jam EVERY time. He was a deceivingly hard thrower that could hit the mitt with every pitch. They didn't call it the "dark one" for nothing. The biggest success for Barry was walks. His walk ratio was about 1 every game, and in the 1992 championship campaign, he issued just 7 walks ALL YEAR!!! He also had an ERA of 2.43 that season.

Manager - Bob Maschmeyer

Coach - Bob McCollough

Other notables that should be recognized:
Bob Maschmeyer - shortstop, Jed Fiscus - catcher, Greg MacKenzie - 1st base, Kevin Geer - pitcher.

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