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Here are the Directions to each event. For Medix, I'll include directions from the east and west.

step-1) I-80 to Exit 18 (small sign will say "OLD EXIT 18"). Turn right off exit onto RT 153.

step-2A) Travel approx. 9 miles to a stop light in "Penfield". Turn Right onto RT 255.
Travel approx 5 miles to "Weedville". Turn Right at "Y" in road onto RT 555.
step-2B) Travel approx 7 miles to the "Medix Hotel", which will be on your right. Turn Right (this will be SR 2004, but it probably won't be marked).

If you have a 4-wheel drive... proceed to step #3.
If you don't have a 4-wheel drive... proceed to step #4.

step 3) From the Hotel, go 2.7 miles and take a right like you're turning into "Camp Burnt Bridge". Take "road" on the left up the side of the mountain (be careful of "washout").

Step 4) From the Hotel, go about 5 miles all the way to the top of the mountain on main road. Once at the very top (not the top of the "steep" part... but the very top), there will be a dirt road on the right. Take that right, then another immediate right (Do Not Go On "JACK DENT" road). This road is SULLIVAN RUN ROAD, but may not be marked. Travel the dirt road about 3 miles to the "NATURAL GAS FEEDER" and park there. You must now walk the rest of the way.
Proceed the same direction down the hill (even if it is all back and shit). You'll come to the bottom and make a sharp turn back up the hill. Go about 25 Yards and take the sharp turn to the right. WARNING: this road is hidden, so be on the look out for it.

Take I-80 to Old exit 18 and take a left onto RT 153.
Go to step #2A above.

Step 1) Take RT 219 south to RT 255. Go through St. Marys to Weedville. Take a left onto RT 555.
Follow Step #2B above.

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