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This is the place to go for information on our "Annual Gatherings." Actually, these are the things i used to do when life was slower (pre-Nolan). Chances are this site will never be updated again, so don't bother checking too often.

March 25, 2006
Medix Spring Fling 2006 is scheduled for May 19 & 20.

Oct 1, 2005
Everthing is a go for the Spring Fling on October 14 & 15. As you may have seen in the news letter, this is a BYOE (Bring Your Own Everything). All parties will be this from here forward. Guys can negotiate kegs among themselves (3 people at $20 =  1 keg). Lets get pumped. Remember, beds are first come first served basis!

Dec. 25
Merry Christmas everyone!! "WINTER CAMP" is tentitively set for the weekend after the superbowl. Hopefully this will be a Steelers celebration party. Rob or myself know if you're planning on coming.

June 3
Medix was another great tour. Some guys couldn't suck it up for a Saturday "drive", but everyone had a good time, overall.
The Fall tour is most likely going to be September 28 & 29 or October 5 & 6. These are the two dates... whatever the majority is that can make one of those two weekends, that's the date it will be. Contact me sometime in August to let me know.
And as always... watch out for those red lines.

May 12
GOTTA REGATTA!!!!!! If you missed this years regatta, well you missed a classic. I would estimate 80% more females than last years show, so it was fun fun fun. Great Valley is in the Buffalo region... and it was PENS vs SABRES at 1:00pm. The radio was full blast hockey at each stop... energy was buzzing in the air... very intense!
You would have also missed Trice doing jumping jacks, cart-wheels and tuck-and-rolls. "Trice... you're acting like your seriously retarded."

MEDIX TOUR... (for real this time)... MAY 18 !!!! BE THERE !!!

March 10
Regatta information should be arriving soon. We got ours today. The official date is May 4-5. Camp sites do not officially open until noon on the 4th. $25.00/person... and $25.00/campsite... two people per campsite. If you're interested, let me know ASAP so we can send our information in all at one time. That way, we all have our campsites together. Donny Rhoades is our Regatta co-ordinator.

March 6
The official date for the MEDIX SPRING FLING is going to be April 6th & 7th!!!!! Mark you calenders now. We will most likely arriving some time around 12-noon on Friday the 6th. Please send me an Email at the "Contact Me" page and let me me know if you're coming and what you might be bringing.

March 5
We will be updating information on the SPRING FLING just as sooon as we make a final decision on the weekend.