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From The Cheap Seats

Maybe it's because we can't see clearly from way up here, but here's our view from the cheap seats...


Looks like the Raiders have finally overcome their gitters. First year head coach Roland Reitz should be commended for getting things back in order after losses to two tough teams. However, the road doesn't get any easier for the Raiders. St. Marys is next up and they are considered the team to beat in the tri-county area. Less than a week later they take on Bald Eagle Area. If the Raiders can take those two, they should move back to the top as the "team to beat" in District 9.


After wins by Miami, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Baltimore over the past weekend, is there any question that home field advantage makes a big difference? There were a lot of people that took Indy, St. Louis and Tampa Bay to win.


If the Bobcats goal for the year was to beat Brookville in the second dual meet of the season, hey... great job... they did just that. Great drama... fantastic excitment. But when you see wrestlers lying on their bellies to keep from giving up points... well... that's a problem. If it's for the D-9 team title... absolutely. Individual tournaments... that's up to the wrestler. But not during the second dual meet of the season. Get on your feet and wrestle. Make yourself better... get yourself ready for when it really counts.
By the way... Cathcart IS the real deal!!!

Will Big Mac Hang Up The Spikes?

Mark McGwire has said all along that if there were to be another work stoppage simialar to the one that cancelled the 1996 season, he would retire from baseball. Well, by looking at the most recent free-agent signings, it looks like that situation will almost definitely happen when the current players/owners contract ends October 31, 2001. So what do you think?


According to published reports, Mike Hampton has signed an 8-year, $121 million dollar contract with the Colorado Rockies. That's the richest contract in BASEBALL HISTORY!
Is he the best pitcher in baseball history? NO WAY... not even close.
Is he the best pitcher in baseball today? NO WAY... not even close.
Could... say... the Pirates, Royals, Brewers or Expos sign him for that much? NO, No, No and NO. No matter how many tickets the Pirates sell for their new park, they could never afford to pay a player that much. The market in Pittsburgh just can't carry that.
A good read for Christmas... A Fans Case For Baseball by Bob Costas. Read it.


What the hell is up with The Yankees? They are deliberately trying to prove to the world that the entire major league needs to be restructured!
The 2001 pre-season hasn't even begun and we already know who will be in the World Series... or should we say the PinStripe Series?
Really... how many players can they have at their disposal? Name another team that can have a $12-million player win 4 games and STILL win the World Series? NOBODY! Except the Yankees. THIS IS THE PROBLEM.